Thursday, June 18, 2009

Quality of Animals’ Life


Do you like zoos? Do you think the zoos are good? “Zoos may be popular with children but zoos have been frequently criticized by animal rights groups” (Yau, 2008, para.1). The zoos have been criticized by people for a long time. People didn’t know what was wrong about the zoos, because the zoos are the safest place for the animals without hunters and infections (Yau, 2008). The zoos protect a lot of animals; also the zoos help to breed animals. Breeding became the biggest part in the zoos. “Breeding exotic animals has become a science in matchmaking at the National Zoo and Aquarium” (Animal instincts on love, 2008, para. 1). People all know that zoos did a lot to protect animals. So sometimes people think that’s unfair for the zoos, but later they know the reason the animal rights groups criticized the zoos. The groups want the animals to go back to the wild, because the living environment for the animals is too bad. Sometimes people can see there are a lot of natural features in the zoos, but that is not true. Most of the natural features are made of concrete (Hancocks, 2007). The animal rights groups want the animals to be able to live in the natural habitats. The animals can feel bored that they are always staying in the cages. Also, according to Hancocks (2007, para.10), “hardly any animals born in zoos are introduced to the wild.” That’s why the animal rights groups don’t like zoos. Because the animals’ lives are not good, that makes many people feel angry at zoos. And more and more zoos are criticized. They need more wildlife parks, or some spaces that feel like the natural habitats for the animals. Also, people should learn how to share the world with the animals.

First, more and more wildlife parks are needed for the animals. Nobody likes to stay in the cage. Almost all the zoos keep their animals in the cages. People know the cage is to protect or keep the animals, but it still hurts animals. The animals always live in the wild and they are free to run or play. When they stay in the zoos, they don’t have freedom anymore. It feels like putting someone in jail. “Life in the wild is complex, unpredictable and frequently dangerous, but it is where animals belong” (Zoos: The debate, 2004, p.22). “The breeding program was about conserving species, so that one day they might be released into the wild” (Animal instincts on love, 2008, para.12). There is a problem that the animals that are born in the zoos have difficultlty going back to a wild world. Many animals that go back to the wild from zoos have died. The wild is the best place for animals, but it’s still dangerous for the animals. So more and more wild parks are needed for the animals. The wild parks are some natural places for the animals that belong to the zoos and are protected by the zoos. Animals can live in the wild parks with people’s protection. Also, they can feel free to live in the parks, because they have more space to have fun. By this way, the animals that are born in the zoos can easily go back to the wild, because they can learn how to live in the wildlife park. They still have the abilities to live in the wild by themselves. According to Yau, “it is a popular tourist attraction and visitors travel around in trams in jungle-like setting dotted with moats instead of cages and steel bars” (2008, para.20).

Second, some spaces that are natural habitats for the animals are necessary. According to Gooddall in her article “The role of zoos”, “The habitats of wild animals around the world are in jeopardy because of human population growth, global environmental threats and unsustainable economic practices” (2008, para.2). So we should find some ways that could give animals a better place to live and also save some spaces. The spaces that feel like the natural habitats are needed. So zoos should build some places that feel like the natural habitats. And there are already some places like this that have been built. According to Hancocks, the goal for the spaces is, “give maximum opportunity for animals to engage in natural behaviors in large and complex natural landscapes” (2007, para.7). When the animals live in this place, they will have enough space to play. Also, they can feel that they still live in the wild. That can make the animals keep their wild habits, because people don’t want the wild animals to become pets. According to David, in his article “Zoos without bar open doors”, many visitors like to go to Underwater World; also they can swim with the fishes (2009, paras.7-8). Also, people like to go to this kind of zoos, because nobody likes to have fun in the jail. To visit this kind of zoos can make people feel like staying in the wild. It feels more natural than other zoos. Zoos don’t need to find wild space for the animals. They can just build a place for the animals. Animals can stay away from the cages; also they can live in a good environment. By this way, more and more people want to go to this kind of zoos, because these kinds of zoos feel more like a natural place. Nobody likes to go to jail.

Finally, people should learn to share the world with the animals. All the species are equal in the world. People may not think they are the best species in the world, but they use most of the resources in the world. They are too selfish to use the space, forest, river, and so on. People cut a lot of forest to built cities. People have homes to stay in but that has made animals lose their hometowns. More and more wild spaces have been devastated by humans. Many rivers are full of pollutions which makes animals not have water to drink. Also, people kill animals, which makes more and more species disappeare in the world. Because of all these reasons, the zoos are needed. But the living environments for the animals are too poor. So people should learn how to share the world with animals. The education program is a popular way to teach people to love animals. To educate children is a good idea, because the children like this kind of education and they can bring this kind of information back to their parents. “Zoos teach children to connect with nature, love and appreciate animals, preserve biodiversity and how animals and human can co-exist” (Yau, 2008, para.17). Many zoos have the education programs to teach people to love the animals. But education is not enough anymore. People should have their own ideas about protecting animals, and then they can try to share the world. People can easily do something to help the animals. The important thing is try to remember there are still other species that need people’s help. People cannot use everything in the world.

It has been argued that the zoos are good enough to protect animals. However, better living environments are needed for the animals. Most zoos just keep the animals in the cages. Maybe to keep the animals in the cages is a kind of protection. But people still think that is too bad for the animals. They cannot run or play in the cages. The only thing they can do is stay in the cages. If this is a zoo, the zoo is the same as a jail. Maybe the jail is better than a zoo. People think that the better zoos are needed to protect animals. The animals need quality of life. Zoos should try to give this to the animals. Zoos can do a lot of things to help animals to get a better environment. The zoos are not enough for the animals. There are still a lot of things that should be improved. A jaguar just died in the cages in Hong Kong Zoological and botanical Gardens (Yau, 2008). A zoo is the place that can protect animals, but the jaguar just died in the cage. The zoo must find some ways to change the animals’ living environment. Zoos can find some wild spaces or just build some natural habitats for the animals. But the most important thing is people should know how to share the world with animals.

In conclusion, the animals need better living environments to live in. “For more than 30 years I’ve been directing and planning them; thinking, researching and writing about them; pleading for them to try to meet their potential. It has often been like pushing water up a rope” (Hancocks, 2007, para.1). The people who love animals make many good ideas, but zoos never pay attention to the ideas. People didn’t do enough in the past, so they need more innovation right now. Changing living environment is the most important thing for the zoos. And zoos should do this as soon as possible. Many animals are still staying in the cages. It’s the time to make some innovations to change animals’ life. People should learn how to share the world, and build more wildlife parks, and natural habitat spaces are needed for the animals. If people want to do that, the living environment for the animals will change a lot. In the future, more and more better zoos will be built. The animals can live in a good environment. They can stay away from cages and boredom.


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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Do you know Wikipedia? Have you used it yet? Wikipedia is a website where you can find everything you want just like a encyclopedias. According to Wolverton, in his article “Wikipedia Wisdom”, “it is already the ninth most popular Web site in the United States, according to Alexa Internet, a company that monitors Web traffic” (2007, para. 9). Many people use this website to find the information that they want. Also, it is the second best website to find business information (Gapper, 2008). Most people like it because it includes a wide range of scientific subjects, and it’s the most up-to-date encyclopedia you’ll find; also, it’s completely free.

First of all, people can find almost all the information on Wikipedia. It’s the web that feels like an encyclopedia. On most of the website, people can only find several kinds of information. But on the Wikipedia, people can find everything; that is why the Wikipedia is a very popular website. “This website has grown into an immensely useful resource for background information on a wide range of scientific subjects” (Parry, 2008, para.6). The only thing that people need to do is type the subject that people want to know, then people can find the information. It’s much easier than finding some information in the library. People don’t need go to the different parts of the library to find the different information; they just type in the topic and that’s it. Easy and fast.

Second, Wikipedia is the most up-to-date encyclopedia. According to Lengel, in his article “Authority”, “Wikipedia is an encyclopedia compiled by the voluntary contributions of hundreds of writers and editors. Anyone can write an article and post it to the Wikipedia; anyone else can come along later and edit the article” (2006, para. 6). People cannot find an encyclopedia that can always be up-to-date. People all know that the knowledge is always changing because more and more new theories are found. So people can always find some wrong information on the encyclopedia. But on the Wikipedia, people can always find new information, because there are so many editors who are changing the information.

Finally, Wikipedia is completely free. There are so many websites where people can find information, but they need to pay. People can buy some encyclopedias or rent books from the library. People always spend money on this. But Wikipedia is a completely free website. People don’t need to pay any fee; they even don’t need an ID. They can just go on the website and find all the information they need.

It has been argued that going to the library is the best way to find information. However, Wikipedia has wide range of information. You can find all the information in the Wikipedia. All the information that you find in the Wikipedia are newest, because there are a lot of people are changing the information.

In conclusion, Wikipedia is a very good website to find information. Maybe some scientists don’t like it because there is some wrong information. But most people like it. Wikipedia includes a wide range of information, it has the most up-to-date information, and it’s free.


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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The innovation is too early

According to David Hancocks in his article, “The right and wrong ways to zoo it,” the author directed the zoos for more than 30 years, but he doesn’t like zoos. The author believes people need zoos that are better than the typical zoos. The needs of animals are most important is the best attitude. The spaces that feel like the natural habitats for the animals and innovations are needed for the zoos. Zoos always boast about their good environment for the animals, but that is not true. The goals of zoos are attract and entertain visitors. Breeding is the only way to protect animals for most zoos. “In truth, government and non-government agencies are most successful in restoring habitat and reintroducing wild species,” but zoos think that all the glory belongs to them. If zoos thought their goal was animal welfare, they would be very effective leaders in protecting animals. Zoos can make more contributions, if they have new attitudes and philosophies for the animals.

The author is an architect of zoos, and he gives us a lot of interesting ideas to change the zoos. He thinks animals’ needs are above everything and zoos should have spaces like natural habitats. These are very good ideas but I think they are also too impractical to do. He thinks zoos only breed their animals for conservation. I think this is the basic way to protect animals.

First, the author thinks animals’ needs are above everything, but I think this is impossible. People all know that we should protect animals, but can we put the animals’ need first? I don’t think so. For example, if the animals need more space to make the zoos innovative, can people give an area for the animals? I think the answer is no. There are so many countries that face population problems. People don’t have enough space to live in; that is why so many high buildings were built in the world. How can people give some space to the animals? Many people still don’t have quality of life; how can we give animals high standards? I’m not saying that people are more important than animals, but if people don’t have high quality of life, how can we put the needs of animals above all others?

Second, the author said the spaces that feel like natural habitats to animals are needed in the zoos. I want say that is great idea, but how? To make a natural habitat with large and complex natural landscapes is very difficult to do. The animals are living in the different environments; we cannot make all the different natural habitats in the same zoo. Also, there are many plants that cannot grow in other places. That is why there are so many concrete landscapes and false plants. I don’t think this is the zoos’ deception; they just don’t have the ability to recreate environments. I think the zoos did their best to give a natural habitat to the animals.

Finally, the author thinks, “conservation for most zoos just means breeding.” I don’t agree with him, because breeding is the foundation of protecting animals. To breed animals is not a business for the zoos, it’s the mission for the zoos. If zoos don’t breed animals, many species will disappear in the world. Maybe the zoos are not successful in reintroducing wild species, but at least they protect the species. When some wild species have disappeared, you can still find them in the zoos. That’s why we need zoos.

In conclusion, people still cannot put the animals’ needs first without losing their high quality of life. The natural habitats are too different to make in the different zoos. Breeding is necessary for the animals. As I said before, these are great ideas, but people cannot do that. I hope all the ideas can be used, but I don’t think people can do those right now.


Hancocks, D. (2007, June 20). The right and wrong ways to zoo it. Sydney Morning Herald. Retrieved May 31, 2009, from Lexis Nexis database.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Zoos are important for the animals

According to Elaine Yau in her article “Seeking a cosy haven for animals; Zoos claim they help protect endangered species while activists say animals should be left to roam in the wild,” the zoos are trying to do better to protect animals but the activists say that animals should go back to the wild. A jaguar called Siu Fa died at the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens in June. A spokesman for the LCSD said that they would have an international breeding and conservation program. An activist in the Ethical Treatment of Animals said that zoos are using animals for money. The zoos will have some programmes to keep the animals active. The zoo will create a place for the animal just like their natural environment. But the activists still don’t believe that. The activists think the animals do not live for the purpose of entertainment for people.

The zoos have tried to protect animals for a long time, but the activists always think the animal should go back to the wild. In my opinion, the zoos did a good job to protect animals for a long time. Instead, the activists did nothing to protect the animals. They just criticized the zoos. I think the zoos help the endangered species stay away from poachers and infections. Also, they are trying to give a better living environment to the animals. And they also teach people to love and appreciate animals.

First of all, the activists always say that the animals should go back to the wild, but I think staying in the zoos is the best way to protect the animals. Ethically, the wild is the best place for the animals, but are there really wild places for animals? I don’t think so. Humans used so many places for themselves; there is no space for the animals. Also, there are so many poachers and infections waiting for the animals. If the animals go back to the wild, they will be dead soon. In the zoos, there are many people who can take care of the animals and protect the endangered species. Right now, there are some zoos that have the open-air enclosures for the animal. The animals have enough places to have fun. I think this is the best that the zoos can do.

Second, the activists think that zoos are using the animals to earn money. I agree with this, but it’s necessary. The zoos need to feed the animals, cure the animals, and try to give a better living environment to the animals. They need money to do all of these things. If the zoos don’t open for people, who will pay money for the animals? I don’t think the government will give enough money for the animals. I don’t think zoos opening for people can hurt animals.

Finally, I think the animal entertainments for humans are good for the animals. I think all the people like to watch the entertainments and people can learn to love and appreciate animals. For example, wolves are always playing a bad role in the stories. In face, the wolf isn’t a bad animal. They only hurt people when the people want to hurt them and the wolves are protecting their family. I learned this in a zoo. This can help people, especially the children, to learn about animals. If all the children love animals, the endangered will be safe everywhere.

In conclusion, zoos play an important role to protect animals, and they do very well. They protect endangered species; give the animals a better living environment, and teach people to love animals. The activists just criticize zoos, but they didn’t see the improvement of the zoos. I think the zoos are doing a good job.


Yau, E. (2008, September 30). Seeking a cosy haven for animals; Zoos claim they help protect endangered species while activists say animals should be left to roam in the wild. South China Morning Post. Retrieved May 26, 2009, from Lexis Nexis database.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Earth is still dying

According to Stephen Leahy in his article "Climate Change: Chemical Lobby Weakening Ozone Treaty," the ozone hole is much bigger than before, and there are more and more people who get skin cancer. The Montreal Protocol plays an important role to protect the ozone layer. Also, the CFC refrigerants were changed to HCFCs and HFCs, which is successful to decrease the damaging chemicals for the ozone layer. But HCFCs and HFCs are very strong greenhouse gases. Right now, 40% of refrigerators in the world are "greenfreeze" refrigerator. They are widely used in many countries but "the U.S. and Canada have banned them." There are many countries that are trying to develop new refrigerants to protect the ozone layer, but that is very difficult in an economic downturn.

The article tells us several ways to protect the ozone layer and the danger of UV rays, but I don't agree with the author. That is because these ways just decreased the destruction of ozone. They didn't address the problem. Also, more and more problems will be found because of the change of refrigerants. I think the government should work on a new chemical, even in an economic downturn.

First of all, I think people didn’t find a way to stop the ozone-destroying. People try to change CFC to HCFCs and HFCs. By this way the ozone-damaging has declined. But as we know, the HCFCs also destroy the ozone; it is about five percent the rate of CFCs. It seems like people fix the problem; in fact people just slow down the destruction of ozone. This is not the way to fix the problem. I think people should find some new chemicals in place of CFC, and make sure that the new chemical will not hurt the ozone layer at all.

Second, I think use HCFCs and HFCs as new refrigerants is a bad idea. They can fix the ozone problem, at least they slow down the damage of the ozone. But they are powerful greenhouse gases. These chemicals can emit billions tons of carbon dioxide. They will make global warming far worse. We cannot only focus on the ozone layer and ignore the global warming problem, because global warming also is a big problem in the world. As I know, there is no more spring in my hometown because of global warming. All of these problems are important to our planet. Maybe we can fix the problem by changing refrigerants, but global warming will kill us. This is not the result that we want. People cannot ignore this leak, because it’s too dangerous for people.

Finally, I think the problem is global, and can no longer be solved by individual nations. According to the article, “U.S. chemical companies are working on a new ozone-friendly chemical, German car manufacturers facing tough legislation in Europe have developed a new carbon dioxide refrigerant that could replace current HFC use by 2011.” These are many countries working on the ozone problem. But it seems it hasn’t worked very well. I think the countries should change their way to keep working. The countries and companies should working together for solution just like the globalization of the economy, because this is the problem for all over the world.

In conclusion, the author didn’t give people a good way to protect the ozone layer, because the HCFCs still hurt ozone, HCFCs and HFCs are greenhouse gases, and people didn’t fix this problem as a global problem. I think the best way to protect the ozone layer is that the world should fix the problem together and find a new ozone-friendly chemical.


Leahy, S. (2009, May 19). Climate change: Chemical lobby weakening ozone treaty. Inter Press Service. Retrieved May 20, 2009, from

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My major

Most people know that I didn't decide my major, right now. Actully, before I went to America, I choose business management as my major. I don't know is business management, I choose this because the major that I had before. Sports industry management and Basketball, these are my majors in my sports university in China. I choose these two major because I like play basketball. But I know that it's very differeicult to be a superstar in China, because I'm too short and didn't do a lot of professional training. So I decide to learn about sports industry management. It's responsible for all related with the sports field of production and operating activities. I think this major is related with sports and business. So I choose this major after I graduate from high school. But I didn't go to the sport university, because I hunt my leg. So before I went to America, I decided my major as business management. Because I didn't found sports industry management in the menu. And I think that the business management is similar as sports industry management. Also my uncle own a company, he wants someone in our family can help his company. His son is learning about art. So he wants me to help him. Then I decide my major as business management. But I'm not sure that I will study this. I'm thinking about change my major. Because business management is not a good major in America. So, I don't know about my major.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The strange thing that I ate

When I was a littlt kid, I ate many kinds of insect,like dragonfly, grasshopper, silkworm and so on. At that time, I don't afraid the insects and they are really delicious. My friends and me always catch some insect, try to cook them, and eat them. When I was older, I know that the insects are not clean, so I stop eat them. When I was 14 years old, my family more to a bigger city. In the city, there is a restaurant has many meals are cooked by insect. My father take me to that restaurant several times. The insect meals are very good. People always feel gross when they know there are insect. If they don't know, the people will always said good. In the restaurant, I like to eat scorpion and pupal cocoon. But I can never try spider and centipede. Because I'm afraid them. I think scorpion is really good. I ate some fried scorpion. Sometimes I'd like eat scrpion when they are alive. This is called drunk scrpion. People put the scrpion into the wine, when the scrpion were drunk. People will cut part of the scrpions' tail. When you really to eat, you can see that the scrpions are move. You can take some sauce or just eat with salt. That is really good.